2020 Electric Cargo Van in Uvalde

2022 Ford Electric Transit Van at Griffith Ford Uvalde

Whether you're looking for a delivery vehicle or are in the market for a mobile workstation, you'll want to give the 2022 Ford Electric Transit Van a try. This commercial van is the first all-electric cargo van on the road from a major manufacturer. You can find out more about this model at Griffith Ford Uvalde.

Make It Your Own

With the 2022 Ford Electric Transit Van, you can customize it to fit your business needs. This model comes in three roof heights and three lengths to have the space you need to do your work. Choose between a Cargo Van, Chassis Cab, or Cutaway. You can upfit it easily with shelving, bins and other features that provide storage and improve productivity on the go. Add more storage compartments for supplies and parts or open it up as a mobile workstation with hooks and other accessories that allow you to carry the equipment you need to get the job done.

Advantages of Going Electric

You'll find many things to love about the 2022 Ford Electric Transit Van. With improved efficiency from the lack of a gasoline engine, you can feel good about taking care of the environment. Customers will appreciate your dedication to eco-friendly equipment as well. You also get the benefit of being able to work later in quiet residential neighborhoods where strict noise regulations are enforced. Because they need less maintenance than other vehicles, you save more money. They are also more sustainable, which is good for everyone; you, your customers, and the world around you.

Innovative Tech

Get more done on the go in the 2022 Ford Electric Transit Van. This model includes Android Auto and Apple CarPlay to pair your smartphone while tracking your vehicle's location and creating diagnostics reports for your review. You can feel safe in this model with advanced security features. For instance, pre-collision assist comes with automated emergency braking and pedestrian detection, so you can stop quickly when an obstacle appears - even if it is a person. Also included on this model are lane keeping and auto high-beam headlamps that adjust with oncoming vehicles.

Premium Performance

Go further and do more in the 2022 Ford Electric Transit Van, which can be charged at the largest public charging network in the country. This system has more than 12,000 public stations. Use cloud-based services to store valuable data for more efficient productivity. When this model is released, Ford will have energy management systems to help businesses transition their fleets to all electric. This van also contributes to the reduction of pollution in cities because of zero emissions. It also reduces the noise level with a quiet operation. 

Find out more about the 2022 Ford Electric Transit Van when you stop by Griffith Ford Uvalde. Learn about this electric commercial vehicle and find out how you can add it to your fleet to take care of your business transportation needs.

2022 Electric Transit Van Interior