Uvalde Consolidated Independent School District

Uvalde Consolidated Independent School District, or UCISD, is a public school system that is based in the city of Uvalde and located in Uvalde County with extensions into Real and Zavala counties.

    The schools that are part of UCISD include the following:

  • Batesveille School
  •  Dalton Early Childhood Center
  • Anthon Elementary
  •  Robb Elementary
  • Flores Elementary
  •  Morales Junior High
  • Uvalde Early College High School
  •  Crossroads Academy
  • Uvalde High School

Strategies for UCISD

The focus of UCISD is on making decisions about what is best for all the students. The top priority of the district is academic excellence, which won't be compromised. The school district implements four strategies to reach its goals. First, they work to ensure each student is equipped with skills and knowledge to make the right choices for college and career. At the same time, the district also holds students accountable for their own success and learning. To achieve that goal, the district ensures that each class has a teacher who is prepared to meet the needs of their students. UCISD promotes concise communication for the stakeholders.

UCISD also has a list of steps to implement the strategies. For instance, the district uses curriculum that is research-based to help teach critical thinking. Recruitment processes are continually managed to ensure the best teachers are found and hired while working to retain teachers. The district also wants to create systems that provide support to teachers and create an effective evaluation system.

To hold students accountable, the district plans to involve all students in development of leadership skills. It also supports a consistent discipline plan that is used in all the schools of the district. UCISD wants to ensure proficiency in technology for all students while maximizing the attendance rate for everyone.

To provide communication that is current and clear to stakeholders, the district plans to create an information system which is developed by the students and broadcast over local media.

College and Career Action Planning Team

The College and Career Action Planning Team was developed to meet the first strategy of providing each student with skills and knowledge to help them in their life choices. The team would create a solid foundation to help students reach their potential.

The planning team included parents, along with educators, administrators, and community members. The team brainstormed ideas about what needs the students and staff had that were unique. Based on those team meetings and brainstorming sessions, five tasks were developed to ensure the team achieved the strategy.

  • Curriculum with is research based and emphasizes critical thinking and innovative practices
  • Every campus is equipped with what is necessary to meet the needs of learning for each student
  • Opportunities for partnership and comprehensive programs to facilitate learning by students
  • Develop relationships within the community to encourage the students' success
  • A culture that is goal oriented

A cost-benefit analysis was developed to determine the costs and benefits for implementing the strategies and achieving the goals that the district laid out. An action plan was put into place.

The outlined steps and strategies make it easy to hold the team accountable and ensure they are meeting the goals and needs of students. The hope is that more students will be better prepared for life after school and will be able to make solid decisions about college and career.

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